Gemma & David

We just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the wonderful photos of our wedding. You have done a fantastic job – the photographs are beautiful, and we are very happy that you agreed to be our photographer. Our family and friends have been equally impressed by work.

LONDON: gesticulating

I love it when I take a photograph that requires no editing at all, no cropping or playing around with the colours. This is one of those rare moments where everything has just worked out.

I spent saturday shooting street with Steve, Emma and Ame – Walked for miles, and took hundreds of photos of unsuspecting londoners and tourists. It was great watching how GI0 works the street to get the shot he wants. Very much looking forward to the next adventure…


LONDON: inner warmth

I enjoy the symmetry and colour of this shot. Bringing warmth to the cold streets of london… but the shop is empty, and the teller bored.


LONDON: primal love

Primark’s low prices really scare me. The shop itself smells of off-gassing toxic plastics and chemicals….

I do love the roadside window seats they provide outside!


LONDON: duel – part II

This is the other half of yesterday’s ‘Manaquin’ photograph. Taken in two frames, I just can’t get the colours to match which is really frustrating. Seeing them side by side in Flickr helps though, maybe i’ll tweak the later in the day.


LONDON: duel

I’m uninspired today, I think i need a holiday.


LONDON: bus stop

Sorry for the void in posts over the last couple of days. I’ve been super buy with the wedding photography, yesterdays was in the beautiful westonbirt arboretum!


LONDON: new and old

Yesterday’s wedding photography in Bristol’s Ashdon Court was a huge succes… I’m not quite sure how it didn’t rain, but am very happy about this! The photos well follow shortly on my wedding blog. Have a great bank holiday weekend everyone!