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Imperial Theatre Launch – Bristol

Bristol’s Imperial Theatre Launch “A quality cabaret of circus theatre and bigtop favorites. With a huge stellar cast of international artists and home grown talent!” At the empire theatre 19th october, dress code; thrift shop […]

BRISTOL: Make Sunday Special

Make Sunday Special I finally made it into Bristol town for the 1st time since George Ferguson has made Sundays special for us all! If you’ve not been, do. Check it out on Sunday the […]

BRISTOL: Alfresco Disco

Let’s go back, way back, into time… to the Alfresco Disco Block party. When the boundaries between modern music didn’t exist, and people took to the streets to party in the sun. When House, hiphop, […]

HOOCHIE COOCHIE: wonderland ball

The Wardrobe Theatre, Easter Sunday, April 8th 2012 Review Written by Amy Self Keda Breeze’s Hoochie Coochie Kabaret hosted an Easter evening of treats at The White Bear. A fantastic venue choice. Not a simple […]

BRISTOL: This is Burlesque!

Review by: Amy Self This night came well and truly recommended for one who is interested in the finer things in life; females, corsets and voluptuous lines of the body moving in sync with sweet […]

BRECON JAZZ: Moonlight Saving

Emily Wright leads Moonlight Saving Time at the Brecon Jazz festival. Playing arrangements of standards as well as contemporary compositions, featuring Nick Malcolm (trumpet) and Jon Hyde (guitar), Will Harris (bass), Mark Whitlam (drums) I’m […]