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Leica M 240 Macro Adapter

Macro Photography with the Leica M (240) I haven’t had much chance to use this 10mm LM extension tube, but I’m hoping it’ll be good for the ‘ring’ photographs and such at weddings. Here are […]

Leica Noctilux 50mm F1.0 Review

Noctilux 50mm F1.0 VINTAGE LENS I’m currently experimenting with the 50mm Noctilux lens. I’ve photographed a few weddings and events with the lens, and I’m starting to get a feel for it. I shall upload […]

Leica Summilux 75mm F1.4

Summilux 75mm F1.4 Portrait Lens This lens has to be my favourite Leica lens of all time. I love it so much, I was anxious of writing a review – incase for some small reason […]

Leica M9 Camera Review

Leica M9 Digital Rangefinder 18MP I’ve used the Leica M9 since 2010, and I’m still using one today (my 1st was stolen).  After replacing my Leica M8 (which felt like a prototype in comparison), the Leica M9 […]

Leica Summilux 21mm F1.4

I thought that it was about time I reflected on this beautiful piece of glass, and aired some of my experiences of the lens.  I’m not really one for reviewing stuff, I tend to just […]