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Having just got back from this year’s “The Photography Show” at NEC, Birmingham with Ben (The wedding Cut) – it’s time to reflect on what I found most useful and interesting.

New cameras generally don’t get me too excited, though the Nikon DF was an interesting beast.  It felt a bit flimsy, and ‘toyish’ and very much overcomplicated (compared to the Leica M9 I had around my neck) – but with the low light sensitivity of the Nikon D4, and its lightweight/price could make this a great little camera for weddings.  I asked the Nikon staff about any news on an up and coming 24-70mm mid-range zoom being released with Image Stabilisation, but they were giving no clues away.  Over on the Tamron stand they had the New Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8  VC USD – which looks like the most useful innovation for wedding photography and videography to come out this year so far. I’m very tempted to swap my Nikkor 24-70 for this, and try it for the season. The major concern to me of Tamron 24-70 is the issue of Bokeh – for me often the most important feature of a lens is how it draws the ‘out of focus’ details. The review on have published some quite disconcerting images of the bokeh, which has put me off the idea.

The most interesting display for me was the Ziess stand, and the beautiful lenses they have available for the Leica M series rangefinders. After trying out the 50mm Sonnar ZM F1.4 (which is very nice indeed) I had the 15mm Superwide ZM 2.8 lens mounted which blew my mind – I’m very tempted to have a go with this one outside, in the real world.  I should think that for street/documentary photography I could get some very interesting photographs…   watch this space!

(Thank you Ben for being my model for the day!)


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