Exhausted, I return to Bristol from the wedding I’ve been photographing all day, only to find police blocking Cheltenham road. 7 Riot vans at the ready. Last time I saw this, it was the police / bailiffs removing squatters from the TESCO site, so i knew it was going be something BIG… I pulled up on some double yellows and grabbed my camera.

On talking to the police, no-one could tell me what was going on. They just said that they didn’t know, but suggested at an eviction from the squat opposite (if they told us the truth, maybe none of this would have escalated?). Locals evacuating the sectioned off area were talking about possible petrol bombs.

A line of welsh police armored with helmets, shields and batons were stopping people entering the area. It was peaceful, but people were confused as to what was going on. Suddenly there was music, and a small group wearing black bandannas over their faces marched up to the police, trailer with massive stereo in tow. One individual aggressively squared up to the guards, and was immediately thrown back by one of the officers with a double-handed shove to the chest. In hindsight, this was the moment things went wrong.

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