It was such a pleasure for me to be invited over to the isle of wight to photograph for Pippa & Nick. They’d chosen to have the wedding at their family home, with friends and family putting it all together, I’d arrived the day before to find tents going up and huge helium weather balloons being inflated and suspended in an aerial grid about the field – it was beautiful.

The day started with Pippa getting ready at home, with her friend Daisy doing the makeup for everyone. Once looking fabulous it was time to head for the field, Pippa’s sister sounded the bugle and the groomsmen replied with a blast from the trumpet and it was on!!  The two parties met in the centre of the field and made their way to the hay bails for the blessing. Much singing and celebrating later we were all in the orchard for cake and speeches.

The day ended with fireworks, much dancing and a huge bonfire that was lit remotely by firing a rocket down a wire.  How awesome!!