ss Great Britain


Kate and Paul chose to get married on the ss Great Britain in Bristol’s Floating Harbour. Paul had grown up in Australia and it was a difficult decision to ask his guests and family to travel all the way around the world to his life in Bristol. Fortunately the ss Great Britain bridged that gap a little, with its history of travelling to Melbourne (1852) – it was the perfect wedding venue!

The ship itself is magnificent. The ss Great Britain was designed to carry the rich and famous to New York and beyond. Its design and details reflect this both inside and out. The location on the waterfront is wonderful, and the views from the deck are stunning which gave me some great shots – even at night!

The ceremony was held on the Promenade Deck, which is an intimate location lined with timber panels and beautiful mirrors. The guests gathered around, and the vows were exchanged below the huge glass skylight. After, we went outside for photographs, and to celebrate on deck while the feast was being prepared to be served in the First Class Dining Saloon.

The DJ set up in the Hayward Saloon, which made a great spot for the 1st dance and evening celebrations. It was really useful having this third room to utilise instead of having to wait for the dining room to be turned around (which happens at so many weddings) as it kept the feeling lovely and relaxed.