Bristol Wedding: Leigh Woods & Clifton Suspension Bridge

A Wedding at the St. Mary the Virgin Church

Sebastian & Laura chose to have their spring wedding at Clifton’s St Mary the Virgin Church in Leigh Woods. The Church is beautiful, with wooded gardens and a red tiled roof – it was the perfect setting for their wedding. The ceremony was lovely, and the vicar kindly let me photograph from behind the alter, letting me get some wonderful portraits of Laura during the vows (I like to use the Leica 75mm F1.4 Summilux for these photographs, you can see why below). Confetti was thrown outside in the garden while the groomsmen were tying tin cans to the back of the convertible for the newly weds’ escape!

We had decided beforehand to visit the Clifton Suspension Bridge, to get some formal photographs of just Seb and Laura. Seb drove the car onto the grass, with the bridge behind him – you can’t beat that for a backdrop!!  After about 40 minutes of walking around and taking photographs we headed over to the reception at the Westbury-on-Tryn Village Hall.  It was a fantastic venue for the party. The staff set everything out and served the drinks, while Seb & Laura added the details and decorations to give the style that they wanted. A friend had set up a huge studio-style Photo Booth in the side room when the hog roast was served. Before the 1st dance, everyone enjoyed an amazing LED poi light show by an enthusiastic kilt wearer – very cool!

I felt so welcome and part of the party – thanks guys for a wonderful day!  I hope you enjoy the pictures :)

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