Bristol Wedding: Square Club

A Bristol Wedding at the Barkley Square Hotel.

Jess & Paul wanted a documentary style of photography for their wedding day, capturing moments as they happened, telling the complete story. The Leica cameras I use, and my experience from years of working as a street photographer allows me to capture these moments discreetly as everyone gets on with the celebrations!  They weren’t afraid of the more gritty black and white style that goes hand in hand with reportage photography – this allowed me a lot more creative freedom in the edit which I really enjoyed.

Their wedding was at the stylish and modern Barkley Square Hotel in Bristol’s city centre, and it worked perfectly with the relaxed feel they had wanted.  After the intimate ceremony,  drinks were taken out to the lawns on the square where we took some family portraits and some relaxed photographs as they walked through the gardens.  Jess had set up a hanging picture frame (along with a box of fancy dress goodies) for the guests to take their own ‘photo booth’ style images, which came out really well and certainly kept people amused!

The evening’s celebrations were in the downstairs cocktail bar, a funky and stylish  bar with colourful furniture, mood lighting, dance floor and plenty of room for the band.  Unfortunately very dark! A  great excuse to use my Leica & prime lenses…

Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph002 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph003 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph004 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph005 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph006 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph007 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph008 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph009 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph010 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph011 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph012 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph013 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph014 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph015 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph016 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph017 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph018 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph019 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph020 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph021 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph022 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph023 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph024 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph025 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph026 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph027 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph028 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph029 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph030 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph031 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph032 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph033 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph034 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph035 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph036 Bristol-Barkley-Square-Wedding-Photograph037

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