Huntsham Court Wedding: Hayley & Matt

A Devon Wedding & New Years Eve celebration at Huntsham Court

Hayley & Matt wanted to combine their wedding with a huge New Year’s Eve party, and when they asked me to photograph it for them, I was very excited! Huntsham court is a wonderful venue, well hidden deep in the Devonshire/Somerset hills.  There is a beautiful Church on the grounds where they were married, but Hunsham court itself is registered for marriages too.

Matt and Hayley both got ready at the house which gave a very relaxed feel to the start of the day, and also allowed me to move between the two of them as they were getting ready and I was able to get some great shots. Fortunately, the rain subsided, and we were blessed with stunning sunshine while we walked across to the church. The ceremony was beautiful, and felt quite intimate in the small setting, lit with only candlelight. I was able to stand at the front behind the altar, where the choir would normally be – giving me the best angle to photograph them both as they were wed.  After the ceremony, the light was dropping fast, as was the good weather. We managed to get a few formal photos and a group shot in the best of the light, and then we walked around the grounds just as the sun was setting. I decided to used the Leica with the Noctilux 1.0  to get some interesting flarey portraits while they were backlit – Never quite knowing what the camera will get, it’s always fun uploading these images to the PC!  The rest of the celebrations were held indoors, with The Rustiques providing the entertainment into the evening and the countdown for NYE!!

Winter weddings are always a good challenge for any photographer, the light is limited, and the weather can be very unpredictable. I took this as a good opportunity to really test the Leica M240 with the Summilux 21mm & 75mm, and the vintage Noctilux 50mm F1 lens. The results are magical, and the older drawing style of the classic lenses worked really well with the Art-Deco interior of Huntsham court. It makes a real difference from photographing purely with the Nikon and Zoom lenses, not only with the extra amount of light the lenses draw in, but also the wonderful shallow depth of field that the faster glass renders.


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