Church Wedding: St Michael’s Church

A Wedding at Minehead’s St Michael’s church.

Beki & Harry phoned me up late on the Thursday night before their church wedding on the Saturday – their photographer friend could no longer photograph for them, but fortunately I was still available! The wedding was in my home town, Minehead – it was so wonderful to return and to photograph at St. Michaels church up on North Hill.  With a marquee set up in their garden the wedding had a very relaxed and fun feel, much more of a celebration with minimal formalities, which is where my photographic style definitely works best.  The reception started with a beautiful tea party with live Jazz, and with incredible bunting ( some of the best I’ve seen – made from lace doilies ) hanging from the canvas. Later the caterers cooked up fresh paella which was served up after the cutting of the cake.  Beki and Harry then got on the dance floor where Bristol’s Soul Strutters where putting on a lively performance!

A fun and lighthearted wedding, good food, and good people!  Thanks guys!!

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